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Making the right choice

Knowing the quality of a pearl is part of the pleasure of investing and buying a timeless piece of pearl jewellery. At UMI Pearls, we pride ourselves on a long history of selecting pearls where we offer you the very best in quality, grading, choice and value for money. The results speak for themselves across our beautiful pearl jewellery ranges.

Color. The choice of colour is purely a personal preference. Current market may result in higher prices for some colours than for others.

‘White – Pink.’ Are priced higher than other colours today due to the increase in demand. You must try and avoid “brownish” overtones as they shadow the beauty in of the pearl. Focusing on the hue of a pearl is much more important than the colour. The hue provides with the stunning iridescent overtone in a pearl, especially when it comes in pink and green.

Shape. The finest pearls are perfectly round with only a small percentage of pearls being perfectly round in shape. Due to this reason, the perfectly round pearls are more expensive in price. Other favoured shapes include the oval and the pear.

Lustre. Lustre is the cause of light which pearl’s surface joined with its iridescence. You may have learnt that pearls are made up of many fine layers of a crystal-like substance. The thickness and quality of the nacre gives the pearl its radiance and shine. The deeper the luster of the pearl, the higher quality and more valuable it is. It is extremely important that the luster of the pearl you choose is just what you are looking for.

Size. As you increase the millimeter size of a pearl, the more expensive it becomes. It is not uncommon to find larger pearls that are imitation pearls on closer inspection and is therefore much more important in buy genuine pearls even if there is a compromise on the size.