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Strand Length

Pearl Sizes will vary in strands

When shopping for pearls it is important to note that strands are rarely of uniform size. The internationally recognized standard for measuring akoya pearls will always have a .5 mm differential within an individual strand. Per industry standards today, a strand measuring 7.5 mm will actually be composed of pearls measuring 7-7.5 mm. This should be noted in any appraisal or description of the pearls. The smaller pearls will be located near the clasp, and the larger pearls will be in the center of the necklace. This is considered a uniform strand, not a graduated strand.

Collar – 12-13 inches

Usually an elegant arrangement of 3 or more strands of pearls. Pearl collars complement fashionable V-necks, boat necks or strapless dresses.

Choker – 14-16 inches

Designed to rest around the base of the neck. The most classical yet versatile of all single-strand pearl necklaces charming for both casual or fancy evening wear and stunning with any kind of neckline.

Princess – 17-19 inches

Most alluring when worn with crew, high necklines and elegantly adorns low plunging necklines. A pendant or pearl enhances can add stylish drama

Matinee - 20 to 25 inches

Designed to fall to the top of the cleavage – an ideal choice for casual and business dressing.

Opera – 26-35 inches

The queen of all lengths. Wear a single strand for high or crew necklines. Twist into a double strand necklace to adapt into a two-strand choker.

Rope – 36 inches and above

This has hidden clasps at vital points enabling versatility into either a multi-strand necklace or bracelet combinations.