Freshwater Pearls – Popularity in Jewellery and Interesting Facts

Freshwater Cultured Pearls are one of the most popular types of Pearls used in Pearl Jewellery today.  To give you some important  background – The Freshwater Pearls are grown in Lakes, Ponds and Rivers and typically require from 2 – 6 years to grow.  Each Mussels can take an average of 50 implants at any given time and can produce up to 40 pearls in one Mussel at a time.  The completed Freshwater Pearls from these particular Mussels can typically range anywhere in size from 4.00 millimeters to around 12.00 millimeters ...

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What Colour of Gold goes best with different Colours of Pearls

Pearl and Gold has been one of the most fascinating love marriages there is in Jewellery today.  When dressed and crafted with the right design and colour of gold, Pearls sparkle and glitter the most.  At UMI Pearls we have given you the best choice for Gold and Pearls:

White Pearls – Usually look very classy with all three colours of 18K Gold that we offer – 18K White, Yellow and Rose Gold.

Peacock Green – Usually shimmer and radiate the most against 18K White and 18K Yellow Gold.

Lavender – These natural colour pearls go very eloquently with 18K White or 18K Rose Gold.

Peach – These natural colour pearls are complimented the best against 18K White and 18K Rose Gold.

Golden South Sea Pearl – Due to the sharp lustre and beautiful Golden Colours, the Golden South Sea Pearl usual...

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How do you tell the difference between an imitation Pearl and a Cultured Pearl?

Imitation or more commonly known as “Fake” Pearls have several different names….Costume, Simulated, Artificial and many more.  One needs to be very careful when purchasing Pearls and to be able to tell the difference between a Cultured Pearl and a “Fake” Pearl.  Below, we have given you details to look into so you can make that easy distinction when needed:

Imitation “Fake” Pearls are primarily made up of plastic, shell, glass or ceramic.  After that they are layered with a varnish to give the consumer a false image that the Pearl is real with its shimmering iridescence and lustre found in Cultured Pearls.

How do you tell the difference:

  1. Imitation pearls in a strand will be exactly the same from each other...
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Complimentary Items

With our Compliments

In addition to promising you the highest quality in pearl products, UMI is delighted to offer a range of complimentary products and services for you and your loved ones.


Visit to view a wide variety of pearl collection!



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UMIs Pearl Care Guide

Pearls are more fragile than most other gemstones, softer, more delicate, and vulnerable to scratches. Cosmetics and natural body oils and perspiration can dull your pearl’s luster or cloud it’s brilliance. For these reasons, proper care is necessary to ensure that your pearls will last for generations.

UMI Pearls have listed important tips on how to take care of your pearls.

1.  Your pearls will stay cleaner if you put them on after you’ve applied any cosmetics.

2.  Gently wipe your pearls with a lint-free cloth every after use. A soft cloth can be dampened with water or it can be dry. Dirty pearls can be thoroughly cleaned with a mild soap and water solution taking care not to wet the string whilst cleaning. Ensure to air dry the pearls before putting them away.


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Making the right choice

Knowing the quality of a pearl is part of the pleasure of investing and buying a timeless piece of pearl jewellery. At UMI Pearls, we pride ourselves on a long history of selecting pearls where we offer you the very best in quality, grading, choice and value for money. The results speak for themselves across our beautiful pearl jewellery ranges.

Color. The choice of colour is purely a personal preference. Current market may result in higher prices for some colours than for others.

‘White –Pink.’ Are priced higher than other colours today due to the increase in demand. You must try and avoid “brownish” overtones as they shadow the beauty in of the pearl. Focusing on the hue of a pearl is much more important than the colour...

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Variety of Pearls

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are produced in a broad range of shapes, sizes and natural colors and are less expensive than Saltwater Pearls. Due to these advantages, Freshwater Pearls are very popular in today’s market and are used more in fashionable designs for a younger audience.

Akoya Pearls

Known as Seawater Pearls and also for their luster, Akoya Pearls are considered to be Classic Pearls and are more commonly White or Cream colored with overtones of Silver or Rose. Their sizes range from 2mm-9mm and are more constantly round or near round in shape.

Tahitian Pearls

Produced in the black lipped oyster Pinctada Margaritifera in and around Tahiti and the French Polynesia, the Tahitian Pearls are one of the most exceptional Pearls in the world...

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Pearls for Hope

UMI Pearls Social Responsibility

At UMI Pearls, we strive to go beyond the basics of ethical business practices and embrace our responsibility to people and the planet. We believe this brings sustained, collective values to our stakeholders, employees, customers and the society we live in.

Social responsibility is a way of life at UMI Pearls. It means investing in and enriching our communities and encouraging employee volunteerism. Furthermore and more importantly our commitment to being a first-class corporate citizen; which include:

  • Protecting our environment.
  • Acting with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards.
  • Promoting diversity in our work force and partnering with diverse suppliers.
  • Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.

We believe that the best thing about being h...

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UMIs World

UMI Pearls’ heritage

The journey began fifty years ago in a small township of Kobe, Japan, which till today is globally one of the major trading centers for Pearls. My grandfather, Mr. D. Harchandrai, traded in South Sea, Tahitian and Akoya Pearls from Kobe and was fascinated by the exquisiteness of pearls. Through this passion, my grandfather became one of the leading exporters of pearls in Japan and dealt with all the major pearl farms and retail companies.

Our family since then has dedicated our entire careers to the pearling industry and being a third generation pearling company, our family values are communicated in our business practice where sound ethics, trust and commitment to our clients are paramount.

UMI Pearls today

UMI is an extension of one man’s passion for Pearls – a passi...

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